Monday, January 2, 2012

To the South

I am continuously getting asked if I am blogging my trip. I had planned on it. But, like many things in my life, I just hadn't gotten around to it yet.
Well, I now have :-)

The start:
After catching the train on Dec 29th, nearly a week later than I had planned, I was finally onboard and headed to San Diego.
Near the end of the 30 hours to LA I met and talked with Dan, who was quite delightful and we had some great conversations about psychology, one of my favorite topics (right up there with bikes!). He really made the ride more enjoyable. In LA I had to switch trains...the one to San Diego was Delayed. I finally arrived in San Diego at 230am and was reunited with my bike- I had night terrors of possibly never seeing her again.
I had thought about crashing at the station to get, at least, a couple hours of sleep. Not so much, they kicked us out and locked up. So, I started on my journey. It was a nice quiet ride out of San Diego. The sun came up and my eyes were drooping. At 7am, after several swerves from falling asleep while riding, I decided to stop. I found a patch of trees off the road and curled up next to my bike. I woke at 830 to amazing sunshine and the start of a hot day!! Back on the bike.
That evening I made it to Boulder Oaks Campground on the PCT. The day was 60 miles and over 6000ft of climbing. There wasn't anyone there and no water or electricity. Only the noises of critters and giant cat paw prints in the sand. (earlier in the day I had met a guy telling me stories of mt lions so my mind was going all sorts of places!) I quickly fell asleep and didn't wake until after 8 the next day. I survived the new year and my first night completely alone! The morning was sunny, birds chirping and it was already warm. At that moment, I was possibly the happiest person alive.