Saturday, January 7, 2012

Past few days

The days are already starting to blur together. I guess I'm not that great at keeping up with the blog thing! I'll try for. Quick recap that, most definitely, won't do justice to the amazing people and wonderful experiences I've encountered.

Blythe Ca to Tenopah AZ
In the morning I contacted my first warmshowers host- Bill and Camilla at Casa Blanca Hot Spring in Tenopah AZ. It's amazing how at ease I felt after hearing back and knowing I had a place to stay the night!
I rode 100 miles on I-10. It was actually quite lovely: huge shoulder, smooth, relatively flat riding. I just put headphones in as noise blockers and made great time. The hardest part was remembering to stop and eat. I crossed into Arizona and lost an hour to time zone change. I bopped into a rest stop to eat and check in with Bill. It was about 5pm and I was approx 40 miles out. I had a tailwind, and got to Tenopah in 2hrs 15minutes!!
Bill came down the driveway to greet me. I had been a bit nervous as I always am with new experiences, but was immediately at ease with Bill. He was friendly, welcoming and we seemed to be like minded on our ideas of the world. They had tubs out back for soaking in the natural hot spring. It was just amazing- a soak under the stars after a loooong days ride.
I slept SO well that night. I got up right before sunrise, had another as the sun rose. There was a labyrinth by the tubs with bunnies hopping in it, birds chirping, it felt magical. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect experience. Definitely the best night yet.

Tenopah AZ to Apache Junction Az
I was glad to have had a good start to the day because riding through Phoenix was AWFUL! I'm ok with never going there again. It was nearly 80 miles from one side of the urban sprawl to the other. Headwinds the whole way. I got pretty excited when I came across a bikelane..but soon realized that who ever designed them had never actually ridden a bike a day in their life. Riding was slow through the city. I made it to Apache Junction at nearly midnight where I decided to stay the night at a KOA.

Apache Junction AZ to Thatcher AZ
130 miles, lots of elevation gain, headwinds.
Arrived at 130am, crashed at RV site.

Rest Day! Stayed with a family in Safford AZ

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  1. Yes, Phoenix is awful cycling, I thought the stretch from there to Safford yucky, but I do think it gets better. Some beautiful mts ahead, the climb out of Three Way into New Mexico is awesome, Silver City has some great food options and super nice people, the MTs out of Silver City also awesome - check out Black Rock Lodge (Kingston)at the base of that descent if you're there late in the day -wonderful folks there.

    Enjoy the ride