Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Not so stealthily stealth camp

Well, that was an interesting night! I made it to Blythe at 9 pm. Stopped at kmart to use the restroom and wash the copious amounts of salt off my face. I realized they closed at 9 so I went outside, found a plug to charge my phone and eat! It was pleasantly warm still. I sat there quite awhile trying to figure out where to stay the night. The nearest campground was a KOA 5 miles east...that wanted $30 for a tent site-crazy! I decided to try and stay the night there for lack of options. On my way through Blythe I noticed several empty lots...and a pretty quiet town. I passed the parks building across the street from a large sports field/park. I decided that looked like a suitibly safe out of the way place. I tucked in between a shrubby tree and building. I didn't pitch my tent, instead used it wo the poles as a bivvy. It was quite lovely. I woke a few times, slightly on edge staying where I maybe shouldn't.
At about 130 I wake to a flashlight shining into my eyes...a cop... He was very friendly, I think a bit surprised to happen on me and that I was a female alone. He said there had been report if a break in of the parks building earlier. Asked if I'd heard/seen anything. I hadn't. Then told me I could go back to sleep, he'd wake me later if he had more questions. There was a police car the rest of the night. Very safe! I got up just before sunrise, packed up and left.
All in all not bad for my first out of place night!
Oh, and another beautiful sunrise!!


  1. Exciting night! I like your use of the tent as a bivvy, very clever. :)

  2. I know that feeling of sleeping somewhere with one eye open. I am so glad the cop not only was nice to you but had your back as well! I love it when the cops look out for touring cyclists. :)

  3. Good for you for undertaking this adventure! It's a ride that will thrill, fascinate, and challenge you. Reading your posts got me remembering my trip on those roads - yes the crazy array of border guards and their machines!
    Happy travels.

  4. Be careful girl! I did some solo bike touring. Graveyards and golf courses were the best in my experience. That was nice of the cop to look out for you. I'm so jealous of you! I've been meaning to do a cross country trip!