Monday, January 2, 2012

January 1st 2012

Quick recap of yesterday. Caught up on sleep and didn't leave until nearly 11am. Sunny. Warm. Steady 20mph headwinds all day. Though, they aren't nearly as soul sucking when it's brilliantly sunny and warm instead of rainy and cold! Rode along the border of Mexico for awhile. Was creepy riding past several border patrol posts and a wall distinguishing US/Mexico. The only vehicles on the road for awhile were border patrol jeeps, and a few giant trucks that said things like "I love America" and "god bless America, Jesus saves". The ride through the Yuha desert- 35 miles of being brutally beat to a pulp by a seriously rough road! was very happy to get to El Centro and turn off that road. It was a short day of 70 miles.

Funny: bought $1 sunglasses at dollar tree, asked if they had sunscreen and the guy laughed-they didn't have any. Hey, I'm from the pacific NW...we aren't accustomed to winter sun! I got a bit burned, I'll search for some thismorning.


  1. Keeping the blue light of protection around you ^-^

  2. The photo of Border Patrol brings back memories when Stanley and I drove for A&W.